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1. Wulin Square

Located north of West Lake and surrounded by such new buildings as Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall, Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Theatre and the China Telecom building, Wulin Square is the most prosperous shopping center in Hangzhou. A fountain modeled on a five-petal plum blossom with three girls dancing at the center was constructed in Wulin Square in 1985.

2. Hefang Street

Sitting at the northern foot of Wushan Hill, Hefang Street originated in the South Song Dynasty (1127-1279 AD) when Hangzhou served as the national capital. Just several hundred meters away from the beautiful West Lake, Hefang Street is the only ancient Hangzhou street received well preservation, with many of its historic stores continuing to operate. Old-fashioned street lanes like Zhongshan Middle Road, Hefang Street, Gulou Bay and Gaoyin Lane remain to this day. Home to Chinese craft stores, candy sculptors, old-fashioned movie projectors and paper-cutters, Hefang Street is renowned for its splendid historical and cultural characters.

3. China Silk Market

With silks ranging in quality, style and price, the China Silk Market is a long-running favorite with customers seeking small fabrics as gifts. The cluster of shops and multitude of vendors make finding a bargain easy. Some less commercial stores offering good prices can be found near Fengqi Road.

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