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1. Tianyi Square

Located in the south of Ningbo's main commercial district, Zhongshan Street, Tianyi Square is the largest shopping center in the area, filling its 200,000 sq m with leisure, trade, travel, dining and shopping opportunities. Home to 22 European-style modern buildings, the tallest music fountain in Asia and a spectacular laser show projected onto a 20x60-meter "water curtain" screen, Tianyi Square is Ningbo's newest must-visit destination.

2. Ningbo Old Bund

Standing at the junction of three rivers, the Old Bund of Ningbo has been a bustling business port since the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties and set as a British treaty port after the First Opium War in 1844.

The Old Bund offers all necessary services, such as city exhibits, international hotels, exotic restaurants and assembly halls. The new Ningbo is lively with many bars, cafes and restaurants combining cuisine, entertainment, leisure, shopping and tourism. A daytime stroll through the peaceful Taodu Park is an unforgettable experience. When night falls, the pubs, dance clubs and shops will be filled with domestic and international tourists. Among the most popular bars and restaurants of the area are the French-styled Le Cargo, Irish pub Shamrock and the casual LBB.

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