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1. Dongyang China Woodcarving City

Dongyang China Woodcarving City is the "woodcarving capital of China", which mainly carved furniture and rosewood items. It covers 410,000 sq m in area, making it the biggest market for wooden crafts in China. Dongyang China Woodcarving City’s stature has been cemented by its recognition as a national AAAA tourist attraction and its reputation as Zhejiang's "four-star civilized market" and "China's top hundred commodity market".

2. Chinese Medicinal Material City

Chinese Medicinal Material City is the only large wholesale source of medicinal material and local specialty products in the Yangtze River Delta. Over four floors and 115 hectares, 45 of which are dedicated to traditional Chinese medicines, the complex offers trading halls for medicinal materials and medicine cold storage, the cultivation, production and management of traditional Chinese medicines and local specialty health products. The third floor often hosts the Traditional Chinese Medicinal Material Exhibition Hall.

3. China Yiwu International Trade City

China Yiwu International Trade City, situated in Yiwu, represents the modernization of the city's small commodity market. It is reputed by some international authorities as the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world.

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