Things you need to know about freshman registration

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After a freshman arrives in China, he/she should promptly go to the relevant department to complete the registration procedure. For details with regard to the time, place and materials needed for such registration, please refer to the school’s Admission Notice.  

The following documents are required in general for freshman registration: 

1) Original and photocopy of valid passport and visa (X1 or X2);

2) Original and photocopy of Admission Notice;

3) Original of Visa Application for Study in China (JW201 or JW202);

4) Photo of the size in passport;

5) Fees, including registration fee, tuition, medical insurance premium, accommodation fees; and

6) Original of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners and Blood Test Report (which must be submitted by students who will study in China for more than 6 months).

 *Please prepare and submit the materials according to the requirements of the school.

The procedures of registration usually include:  

1) Accommodation: register for accommodation and move into dormitory;  

2) Payment: pay tuition, registration fees and other related fees;  

3) Medical insurance purchase: present a valid passport and the admission notice, and pay medical insurance premium;  

4) Student registration: fill in relevant forms for student registration;  

5) Physical examination: attend physical examination arranged by the school;  

6) Visa interview: attend the visa interview arranged by the school for the first-time residence permit applicants; and  

7) Residence permit: apply for a residence permit after obtaining your medical examination result and passing the visa interview.  

*Registration procedures may vary from school to school. Please consult your own school for more details. 

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