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Most international students will travel to China by flight. Direct flights are available if destinations are major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. If the students' home countries do not offer direct flight to the destination cities, they need to book a transfer flight.  

Plan your trip to China

Students are advised to do some research before booking a flight ticket to China. Some schools are located in a city without an airport. For example, for students who are going to study in Suzhou University, they need to arrive to Shanghai's airports first, then get to Suzhou by bus.

Points to beware

Not every university in China provides airport pickup service. Students are advised to clarify with the admission office or office of international student affairs the exact location and the estimation of the taxi fares from airport to the school. Some of the high schools would provide airport pickup services, parents are advised to clarify the arrangement with the school.

Travel in China by train

Travel in China by train is inexpensive, punctual and a great way to travel around the country. Trains in China are divided according to their speed into various classes, identified with different letters and numbers.

G - High Speed Electric Multiple Units (EMU) Train
C - Intercity EMU
D - Electric Multiple Units (EMU)
Z - Direct Express
T - Express
K - Fast
Y - Tourist

High speed train runs much faster than the regular train in China. Most high speed train lines are traveling at the speed of 200 to 350 km/h. Seats are divided into second-class, first-class, business-class, super-class, and sightseeing seats.

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