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All foreigners entering China are required to complete a health declaration card that is distributed by the cabin crew during the flight to China. Officially, China does not issue entry visas to HIV carriers.  

Foreigners shall be required to show Chinese quarantine authorities the Traveler's Health Declaration Card when entering the country. For travelers who are not coming from regions of infectious diseases including cholera and yellow fever, they will not be required to take inoculation of vaccines. For foreigners planning to stay in China for six months or longer, they shall be required to show the documentation proving they are negative for the HIV.

Personal Medical History

If you have any health problems, ask your doctor for a copy of your medical history should you need to consult a local doctor in China. This information should include your name, address, insurance data, emergency contact, blood type, medical problems and prior hospitalizations, current medications (generic names) and dosages, drug allergies, and immunizations (with dates).

Caution: Local Chinese people do not have Rh-negative blood, and therefore blood banks in China do not store it. Also, type O-, A-, B-, AB- blood are rare in China. Thus, persons with these blood types should consult their physician for advice before departing for China.

Prescription Drugs

You may bring your prescription drugs to China. Pack them in your carry-on luggage. Be sure that the medication is clearly marked with a pharmacy label and doctor's instructions. Try to anticipate what you will need and bring an adequate supply. Since brand names in China are different from those used in western countries, ask your doctor or pharmacist for the generic name for your prescription drug in case you need a refill while in China.


Should you become ill and require hospitalization, medical attention is available for emergencies throughout China. Major hospitals have special wards reserved exclusively for foreigners. Both Western and Chinese medicines are available.

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