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As the birthplace of China's shipping industry, Shanghai boasts a cluster of large shipbuilders, advanced science and technology, complete support industries and a favorable location.

At present, Shanghai has 19 shipbuilders and shipyards and 23 related supporting enterprises, 13 key research institutes and two related colleges.

Shanghai now has a shipbuilding capacity of 3.5 million tons, more than 40 percent of the country's.

Faced with great demands from both domestic and international markets and a shift in the world's shipbuilding industry, Shanghai is accelerating structural adjustments and institutional innovation.

Taking the eight-kilometer coastline of the Changxing Island as a suitable resource, Shanghai is upgrading the industry and aiming to become the world's largest shipbuilding base.

According to China's strategic plan to become the world's top shipbuilding country by 2015, Shanghai will seize major opportunities, including a new round of urban development and the cross-Strait development of the Huangpu River, and combine relocation, reconstruction and structural adjustments to achieve world-class standards.

By sticking to scientific planning and unified deployment, the city will implement its plans for a modern, high-level shipbuilding base step by step.

In accordance with the new development plan, the industry will mainly rely on China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), as well as on local enterprises in transferring from Huangpu River to the Yangtze River Estuary, where the Changxing Island, Waigaoqiao and Chongming shipbuilding bases will be developed.

1. Changxing Island Shipbuilding Base

According to CSSC's overall planning, eight kilometers of the Changxing Island's coastline will be used for shipbuilding, starting from one km downstream of Xinkai Harbor. Seven large docks will be constructed, giving the base an eight million-ton shipbuilding capacity.

The phase-I project consists of two steps. The first is to build a new levee outside the existing one. The second is to fill the beach with materials such as silty soil.

After the one-year project is finished, the construction of large docks and factory buildings will begin, taking up a total area of about 12 square kilometers.

A pier will also be built outside the new levee.

At the same time, projects on environmental protection and green shipbuilding will make the island a shipbuilding base featuring industrial tourism and a beautiful environment.

 2. Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Base

It is planned with a total area of 2.1 million square meters. The first phase has required a total investment of 3.214 billion yuan and has an area of 1.44 million square meters. It was completed in Oct 18, 2003 with a 1.05 million tons capacity.

 3. Chongming Shiprepair Base

According to the overall plan of Shanghai Shipyard, the base has a planned area of 1.51 million square meters along a 2,350-meter coastline.

Floating docks of 150,000 to 200,000 tons, 100,000 tons and 40,000 tons and a 70,000-ton semi-submerged shipway will be built, which, after completion, will give the base 1.5 million tons of capacity.

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