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As part of China's old industrial base, Shanghai has the basic advantage of having developed an advanced equipment manufacturing industry.

In order to undertake international industrial transfers, develop the equipment manufacturing industry's cutting-edge technology and upgrade the overall level of Shanghai manufacturing industry, the municipal government has planned Lingang New City industrial zone, based on equipment manufacturing, which aims to realize the new industrial and technological agglomeration through "new institutional mechanisms and technological equipment".

Characterized by informationization and internationalization, the zone will take the lead in forming an international competitive advantage for the Shanghai equipment manufacturing industry and improving the overall level of the Shanghai manufacturing industry and its international competitiveness.

1. Plan of Shanghai's equipment manufacturing industry

The equipment manufacturing industry is the production and manufacturing department that provides the production tools for the simple reproduction and expansion of the national economic sectors. According to national economic classifications and codes, the equipment manufacturing industry includes eight major, 46 middle and 178 minor categories, all of them creating profitable mechanical products. The eight major categories are manufacture of metal products, general machinery, special equipment, transportation equipment, weapons and ammunition, electric machinery and equipment, electronic and communication equipment, instrumentation and cultural office machinery. The equipment manufacturing industry has a large correlation degree, strong mobility and a large employment capacity. Its development reflects the country's deep ability to support science and technology, provision of materials and processing and manufacturing.

According to the strategic decision of the municipal party committee and the municipal government to prioritize the development of the modern equipment industry, the Shanghai equipment manufacturing industry will be characterized by informatization and internationalization. In addition, Shanghai will develop a core enterprise and professional supporting system with new systems and new technologies, and focus on the eight major equipment products that contribute to the industries of the country and the city with high value-added and advanced technology levels: power plant and power transmission and distribution equipment, CNC precision machining equipment, modern transportation equipment manufacturing, electronic information products and application equipment, intelligent measurement and automatic control equipment, environmental protection and clean energy equipment, complete sets of equipment, and precision components.

2. Overview of Shanghai Lingang Industrial Zone

In order to further promote the development of the equipment manufacturing industry in Shanghai, and with consideration of the city's advantages of being adjacent to an international airport and a new deepwater port, the municipal party committee decided to build an integrated equipment industry harbor new town cluster called Lingang Industrial Zone for manufacture of modern logistics equipment, precision machining equipment, environmental protection equipment, and digital intelligent automatic control equipment.

Lingang new town is thus now divided into three functional blocks: Yangshan deep-water port, harbour city and Lingang Industrial Zone.

Harbour city is located at the junction of the Yangtze river in southeast Shanghai and Hangzhou bay, 50 kilometers from downtown Shanghai, north of the Dazhi river and west of suburb A30 and the A20 highway.

The planned area is 293 square kilometers, including the 100-square kilometers of the harbor city. The city's comprehensive living service industry is focused on Dishui Lake. The central urban construction area is about 50 kilometers and has a residential population of up to 600,000 people.

Lingang Industrial Zone is a functional industrial development block, with a control area of about 200 square kilometers, 120 square kilometers of which are designated for urban construction. It has a population of nearly 500,000 people.

With the international first-class modern equipment industry as the main target, on the basis of an advanced manufacturing industry with high added value and the high and new technology industry, and by focusing on the comprehensive development of advanced manufacturing, modern logistics, research and development services, education, training, export processing, and domestic and foreign trade, Lingang will become a comprehensive industrial zone with distinctive industrial characteristics and competitive advantages.

There are three main functional areas: an industrial district, a modern logistics park and a supporting industrial area.

The industrial district focuses on the automobile, equipment and logistics industries and includes major and middle-sized equipment industry areas and a high-tech industrial zone.

Relying on water transfer and the special-basin port, the major equipment industry area is located near the Luchao port farm along Hangzhou bay. The medium-sized equipment industrial zone mainly depends on land transportation, and will be located accordingly.

The high-tech industrial zone is arranged on both sides of the northeast beach and along the axis avenue, which has better environmental conditions and easier transportation by road and air.

The modern industrial logistics park, an important part of Lingang Industrial Zone, is a powerful backer of the industrial zone's development and Yangshan deepwater port's well-equipped facilities.

The supporting areas include living facilities such as Wanxiang, Mud city, a college, Luchao port and others. They will enhance research and development of science and technology and residential tourism in the northeast.


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