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Zhejiang Quyi Acrobatics Troupe

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The Zhejiang Quyi and Acrobatics Troupe is a professional performance company from Zhejiang Province. Headquartered in "the City of Heaven", Hangzhou, the troupe consists of the Zhejiang Acrobatics Troupe, Zhejiang Comedy Troupe, Zhejiang Quyi Troupe and Zhejiang Stars Performance Company, with a total 180 artists. Some 800 years ago, Hangzhou was not only a political, economic and cultural center, but also a hub for the performing arts, like acrobatics and Quyi.

The Acrobatics Troupe mainly consists of teenagers. Only five years after its foundation, it traveled to the United States, Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Japan, Thailand, as well as Hong Kong and Macao where its performances were very well received by audiences. The newly produced acrobatics play "Hangzhou Story" harmoniously blends cultural and scenic views into acrobatics in a very delicate way.

The Zhejiang Comic Troupe aims to depict real life. The art form came to the fore nine years ago, and five plays have been staged since. The play "Who is Daddy" had been performed more than 1,300 times and the dark comedy "Doom of the Swan" was a hit in Beijing. The troupe popularized the comical play, which was originally only popular in Shanghai, South Jiangsu and North Zhejiang provinces, all over China. Moreover, it was introduced to Taiwan for the first time in 1999.

The Zhejiang Quyi Troupe mainly performs Pingtan (storytelling combined with ballads in the Suzhou dialect). It has been organized for 43 years and has since enjoyed a high reputation in the Pingtan area.

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