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The Sichuan People's Art Theater was founded in January 1, 1953. Since its founding, the theater has created and performed 260 Chinese and foreign plays. Its repertoire include The Family, Longxu Ditch, Peacock Gallbladder, Pressganging, Xi'an Incident, Sword and Courage, Thunderstorm, The Wilderness, The Bell Tolls in Kremlin, Le Tartuffe, Miss Julie, Marriage, The Center Forward Dieds Before Dawn, Never Forget, Sentries under Neon, Mountains and Rivers, Brothers, A Pair of Embroidered Shoes, Hong Kong Tycoon, Love of Bashan Mountain, Peasants and Hotline. Among the plays crested by the theater are A Carpenter, Phoenix Paying Tribute to the Sun, Zhao, Qian, Sun and Li, Yueqin and Little Tiger, Mother and Daughter, Old Imperial City, 1911 Revolutionary Tide. These plays have won various kinds of provincial, southwest regional and national prizes since 1956.Its Voyage Through the Three Gorges, which had won the 7th Wenhua Award for best play, director and performance, was staged in England during the Brighton Art Festival in May 1998 and was highly acclaimed by the overseas audience.

The Theater has a group of talented artists include first grade playwright Li Maozhang, Liu Canglang, Zahng Jiali and Liu Qinglai; first grade directors Yang Shusheng and Ma Weili; first grade performers Sun Bin, Yang Ciyu, Xi Dan, Wu Deen, Hu Zhiqi, Li Jiangqiu and Li Guohua; second grade playwright Li Ting and first grade stage designers Dong Yunyan and Xu Jing.

Address: No. 34, Hongzhaobi Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Post code: 610016

Tel: (028) 86135503

Fax: (028) 86136141


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