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Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Sichuan Province

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The Opera and Dance Drama Theater of Sichuan Province was founded in 1953, formerly known as Sichuan Song and Dance Ensemble.

The theater has created and staged dances Happy Guys which was awarded as the 20thCentury Chinese Dance Classic, Spring in Kangba, Cloak Presented to Chairman Mao, The Wine Dance of Liangshan, Watching Lanterns, Lilies and Butterfly and Flowers; songs Work Songs of Jialing River, The Sun Rises and Dama Flowers; instrumental music General's Order; dance dramas Zaxi and Yangjin, Trilogy of Sorrow which won the 1987 Ministry of Culture award, Mountain Flowers which won the 1997 Wenhua Award, Ah Yue and Ah Xing which was performed at the 5thNational Art Festival; Singer, The Living Buddha Geda which won the 2ndChengdu Autumn Concert Award, Highland Barley Prince which won the prize for best performance at the 1990 National Opera Festival and Theo Poor Girl which won the special prize at the 6thChengdu Autumn Concert. At the 2ndand 3rdNational Dance Contests and the Peacock Cup Dance Contest, the duet dances Naughty Girl Ah Re, The Vast Grassland, Ah Yue and Hai Wa, Chuanjiang Women and Mountain Boys won either the gold or silver and first or second prizes, as well as the Wenhua Award issued by the Ministry of Culture. Wushan Goddess, a solo song, won the third prize at the National New Talent Singing Contest organized by the Ministry of Culture in 1998. The theater has toured countries including Egypt, Syria, Albania, France, Germany, Italy, the USA, Japan, the DPR Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore and Hong Kong region and has been highly praised.

Major artists of the theater include Wang Jinao, Yang Qing, Xue Mingxing, Hu Jizhang, Feng Po, Leng Maohong, Pan Qi, Qu Yinsheng, Li Gangfu, Zhao Jiahong, Li Cunlian, Zhou Weimin, Fan Yulun, Zhu Baoyong, Wen Yongxia, Xiang Jidao, Luobu Ciren, Li Kegui, Li Shuhua, Ma Dongfeng, Zheng Yuan, Ma Lin, Lin Geer, Peng Tao, Wang Yulan, Gao Bin, Zhao Qing, Li Qing, Wang Chenghui and Chen Changlan.

Address: No.97, Xidajie Street, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Post code: 610031

Tel: (028) 86266376


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