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Legal aid centers in Tibet autonomous region

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Chomdo city
Chomdo Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 193, Tiyu Road, Macaoba Community, Chomdo
Tel: 86(0895)4822966

Legal Aid Center of Dragyab County
Address: No 25, Xingfu Road, Dragyab County
Tel: 86(0895)4602777

Legal Aid Center of Kharub District
Address: Kharub district, Chomdo city
Tel: 86(0895)4844177

Legal Aid Center of Markham County
Address: pedestrian street, Markham County
Tel: 86(0895)4543741

Legal Aid Center of Pashoi County
Address: No 1, Square Road, Baimashangjie Street, Pashoi County
Tel: 86(0895)4562055

Legal Aid Center of Riwoche County
Address: No 9, Xiaokang Road, Riwoche County
Tel: 86(0895)4503533

Legal Aid Center of Gojo County
Address: No 1, Deji Xilu Road, Gojo County
Tel: 86(0895)4532538

Legal Aid Center of Joda County
Address: the government of Joda, Joda County
Tel: 86(0895)4512853

Legal Aid Center of Palbar County
Address: No 13, Junmin Road, Palbar county
Tel: 86(0895)4582304

Legal Aid Center of Lhorong County
Address: No 61, Nanlu Road, Lhorong county
Tel: 86(0895)4573256

Legal Aid Center of Zogang County
Address: No 1, Wangda Hengjie Street, Zogang county
Tel: 86(0895)4553077

Legal Aid Center of Dengchen County
Address: Building No 2, government of the New Area, Dengchen county
Tel: 86(0895)4593290


Legal Aid Center of Tibet Autonomous Region
Address: No 8, Duodi Road, Lhasa
Tel: 86(0891)6325214

Lhasa Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: Bureau of Justice of Lhasa, Rega Quguo Road, Chengguan district, Lhasa
Tel: 86(0891)6336149

Legal Aid Center of Chengguan District
Address: Bureau of Justice of Chengguan District, No 38, Linkuo Donglu Road, Chengguan district, Lhasa
Tel: 86(0891)6403457

Legal Aid Center of Doilungdechen District
Address: Bureau of Justice of Doilungdechen District, No 15, Tuanjie Road, Doilungdechen district, Lhasa
Tel: 86(0891)6151213

Legal Aid Center of Maldrogungkar County
Address: Bureau of Justice of Maldrogungkar District, No 4, Jinling Road, Maldrogungkar district, Lhasa
Tel: 86(0891)6132922

Legal Aid Center of Dagze County
Address: Bureau of Justice of Dagze District, No 36, Zhenjiang Road, Dagze district, Lhasa
Tel: 86(0891)6142273

Legal Aid Center of Nyemo County
Address: Bureau of Justice of Nyemo District, No 1, Renmin Road, Nyemo district, Lhasa
Tel: 86(0891)6172466

Legal Aid Center of Lhundrub County
Address: Bureau of Justice of Lhundrub District, No 5, Taihu Road, Lhundrub district, Lhasa
Tel: 86(0891)6122689

Legal Aid Center of Chushul County
Address: No 1, Rela Road, Chushul county
Tel: 86(0891)6162788

Legal Aid Center of Damshung County
Address: No 173, Damshung River Donglu Road, Damshung county
Tel: 86(0891)6112560

Lhokha city

Lhokha Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 27, Hubei Road, Nedong district
Tel: 86(0893)7824774

Legal Aid Center of Nedong District
Address: No 18, Yingxiong Road, Nedong district
Tel: 86(0893)7833160

Legal Aid Center of Nakarze County
Address: No 8, Ningjin Kangsang Road, Nakarze county
Tel: 86(0893)7302622

Legal Aid Center of Lhunze County
Address: No 2, Zhegu Road, Lhunze county
Tel: 86(0893)7343148

Legal Aid Center of Tsona County
Address: No 7, Caduokang Road, Tsona county
Tel: 86(0893)7302622

Legal Aid Center of Sangri County
Address: Weise Road, Sangri county
Tel: 86(0893)7312233

Legal Aid Center of Gonggar County
Address: No 14, Changsha Road, Gonggar county
Tel: 86(0893)7393158

Legal Aid Center of Gyatsa County
Address: No 1, Zhongba Street, Gonggar county
Tel: 86(0893)7322616

Legal Aid Center of Lhodrag County
Address: No 32, Gabo Xilu Road, Lhodrag county
Tel: 86(0893)7373000

Legal Aid Center of Tsomai County
Address: No 21, Dangxu Road, Tsomai county
Tel: 86(0893)7402148

Legal Aid Center of Chusum County
Address: No 3, Gandan Road, Chusum county
Tel: 86(0893)7402148

Legal Aid Center of Chonggyai County
Address: Baimalin Road, Chonggyai county
Tel: 86(0893)7352746

Legal Aid Center of Dranang County
Address: No 30, Zhuzhou Road, Dranang county
Tel: 86(0893)7363598

Nagchu city

Legal Aid Center of Nagchu City
Address: No 11, Lhasa Beilu Road, Nagchu
Tel: 86(0896)3827514

Legal Aid Center of Sog County
Address: Bureau of Justice of Sog
Tel: 86(0896)37033228

Legal Aid Center of Amdo County
Address: No 06, Shenyang Beilu Road, Amdo county
Tel: 86(0896)3663148

Legal Aid Center of Nyanrong County
Address: Jiaoyu Road, Nyanrong county
Tel: 86(0896)3652058

Legal Aid Center of Driru County
Address: Gar Road, Driru county
Tel: 86(0896)3623604

Legal Aid Center of Bureau of Justice of Nagchu County
Address: Wenhua Road, Nagchu county
Tel: 86(0896)3823079

Legal Aid Center of Bureau of Justice of Drachen County
Address: No 6, Da’ertang Road, Drachen county
Tel: 86(0896)3612371

Legal Aid Center of Bureau of Justice of Palgon County
Address: Jijiang Zhaxi Beilu Road, Palgon county
Tel: 86(0896)3672748

Legal Aid Center of Bureau of Justice of Lhari County
Address: No 4, Renmin Nanlu Road, Lhari county
Tel: 86(0896)3632988

Legal Aid Center of Nyima County
Address: Jianshe Donglu Road, Nyima county
Tel: 86(0896)3712667

Legal Aid Center of Tsonyi Special District
Address: Suoga Zhonglu Road, Tsonyi special district
Tel: 86(0896)3692135

Legal Aid Center of Shanza County
Address: Zhongxin Road, Shanza county
Tel: 86(0896)3682377

Ngari prefecture

Bureau of Justice of Gar County
Address: No 20, Gar Road, Gar county, Ngari prefecture
Tel: 8613658972552

Bureau of Justice of Ngari Prefecture
Address: No 20, Shaanxi Road, Ngari prefecture
Tel: 8613618976366

Bureau of Justice of Gerze County
Address: Yuduo Road, Gerze county
Tel: 86(0897)2652682

Bureau of Justice of Ge’gyai County
Address: No 11, Hebei Road, Ge’gyai county
Tel: 8615728918833

Bureau of Justice of Burang County
Address: No 1, Shaaxi Road, Burang county
Tel: 86(0897)2602186

Bureau of Justice of Tsochen County
Address: Guowang Road, Tsochen county
Tel: 8613398076288

Bureau of Justice of Rutog County
Address: No 4, Yingbin Road, Rutog county
Tel: 86(0897)2642535

Bureau of Justice of Zada County
Address: No 005, Xiangxiong Road, Zada county
Tel: 8613989972158

Nyingchi city

Legal Aid Center of Ningchi City
Address: No 22, Guangfu Road, Dragyib district
Tel: 86(0894)5884154

Legal Aid Center of Nang County
Address: No 1, Jianshe Road, Nang county
Tel: 86(0894)5463153

Legal Aid Center of Metog County
Address: No 71, Dongbo Road, Metog county
Tel: 86(0894)5490207

Legal Aid Center of Manling County
Address: No 1, Fuzhou Donglu Road, Manling county
Tel: 86(0894)5452199

Legal Aid Center of Dragyib County
Address: No 6, Nichi Road, Dragyib county
Tel: 86(0894)5831326

Legal Aid Center of Bomi County
Address: No 10, Zhamu Road, Bomi county
Tel: 86(0894)5422030

Legal Aid Center of Kongpo’gyada County
Address: Guolin Beilu Road, Kongpo’gyada county
Tel: 86(0894)5413818

Legal Aid Center of Zayul County
Address: Yanjiang Xilu Road, Zayul county
Tel: 86(0894)5438585

Shigatse city

Legal Aid Center of Nyalam County
Address: No 7, Chongdui Road, Nyalam county, Shigatse city
Tel: 86(0892)7450148

Legal Aid Center of Drongba County
Address: No 19, Baogang Road, Dongba county, Shigatse city
Tel: 86(0892)8292489

Shigatse Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 4, Jiji Langka Road, Samdrubze district
Tel: 86(0892)8832711

Legal Aid Center of Gyirong County
Address: No 2, Changsheng Street, Gyirong district
Tel: 86(0892)8282642

Legal Aid Center of Ngamring County
Address: No 3, Tangdong Road, Ngamring district
Tel: 86(0892)8312894

Legal Aid Center of Dingri County
Address: No 2, Xiege’er Nanlu Road, Dingri district
Tel: 86(0892)8262451

Legal Aid Center of Namling County
Address: No 4, Xianghe Beilu Road, Namling county
Tel: 86(0892)8342769

Legal Aid Center of Samdruvze County
Address: No 6, Guihua Road, Samdruvze county
Tel: 86(0892)8836902

Legal Aid Center of Dromo County
Address: No 3, Chengdong Road, Dromo county
Tel: 86(0892)8224701

Legal Aid Center of Khangmar County
Address: No 6, Daqing Road, Khangmar county
Tel: 86(0892)8212135

Legal Aid Center of Rinpung County
Address: No 1, Shuangyong Nanlu Road, Rinpung county
Tel: 86(0892)8182381

Legal Aid Center of Panam County
Address: No 3, Luojiang Road, Panam county
Tel: 86(0892)8303231

Legal Aid Center of Shaitongmon County
Address: No 12, Xingfu Road, Shaitongmon county
Tel: 86(0892)8332348

Legal Aid Center of Gampa County
Address: No 4, Xiwang Road, Gampa county
Tel: 86(0892)8232060

Legal Aid Center of Saga County
Address: No 6, Shuangyong Road, Saga county
Tel: 86(0892)8202489

Legal Aid Center of Lhaze County
Address: No 9, Laozhongni Road, Lhaze county
Tel: 86(0892)8322981

Legal Aid Center of Sa’kya County
Address: No 11, Fawang Zhonglu Road, Sa’kya county
Tel: 86(0892)28242664

Legal Aid Center of Gyalze County
Address: No 2, Guofang Road, Gyalze county
Tel: 86(0892)8176086

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