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Beijing Jan 06, 2023
Plan for major scientific issues; effectively organize and lead teams to carry out innovative research in the field; apply for and undertake major scientific and technological projects;
Beijing Jan 06, 2023
To produce high-level scientific research results, improve the internationalization of disciplines, guide students, and to conduct teaching, lectures, seminars, and other academic activities.
Beijing Jan 06, 2023
1. Responsible for the construction of the research team. 2. Guide and carry out basic emergency scientific research.
Beijing Jan 06, 2023
1. To guide the research of molecular biology in hematology. 2. Apply for national and provincial projects, especially from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and publish high-quality papers, especially articles for JCR Region I and REGION II, to improve the team's academic influence in China
Beijing Jan 06, 2023
1. Strengthen the development of key disciplines. 2. Possess the all-round management capacity of perinatal medicine; improve talent training and talent echelon construction. 3. Lead the department to improve its scientific research level, and implement scientific research indicators.
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