Workers to go head-to-head in national contest

Updated: Sep 16, 2023 By Yuan Shenggao China Daily Print
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Engineers prepare for the national vocational skills contest, which is scheduled to open in Tianjin on Saturday. LIU HANBING/FOR CHINA DAILY

A total of 36 delegations and 4,059 skilled workers from across the country are showcasing their prowess at the second Vocational Skills Competition of China, which is being held in North China's Tianjin from Saturday to Tuesday.

The number of contestants has risen by 58.7 percent compared with the last session, demonstrating the event's growing influence, organizers said.

The competition is a key driver for talent cultivation as it provides a platform for workers to hone their skills and boosts vocational education, Wang Xiaojun, head of the organizing committee's secretariat, said at a media conference before the competition. Wang added that the event plays a positive role in carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship and encouraging more workers, especially the younger generation, to learn and improve skills.

This year's competition features 109 events, up 26.7 percent from the first session, in six major sectors: transportation and logistics; structure and construction technology; manufacturing and engineering technology; information and communication technology; creative art and fashion; and social and personal services.

Sixty-two of the events are to serve as qualifiers for Chinese entrants to the 47th WorldSkills Competition, which is scheduled for September 2024 in Lyon, France.

A highlight is that this session has added a new category — new profession and digital technology — which includes 20 competition items such as intelligent manufacturing and engineering technology, virtual reality technology and integrated circuit engineering technology.

It is designed to increase people's recognition of emerging industries and new professions and promote entrepreneurship, organizers said.

Other new competition items include oil drilling technology, power system operation and maintenance, computer software testing, robot welding technology and Chinese cooking.

It's the first time the competition has an event from the power industry. Power system operation and maintenance mainly assesses workers' skills in running cables and fixing failures, which are pivotal to the safety and stability of a power grid, organizers said.

Nearly 60 contestants from 28 delegations will compete, including operators from power grid enterprises, producers of cable facilities and teachers from electric power colleges.

"It is a great opportunity for us to learn from each other and strengthen our determination to serve the country with skills," said Wu Xuguang, a State Grid competitor from the Tianjin delegation.

The Tianjin delegation consists of more than 500 members, including 304 coaches and 142 contestants, who will participate in all events.

These competitors were selected from hundreds of candidates and have received intensive training for the event, said a representative from the delegation.

The top three in each event will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals; the top five players will be given the title "national technical expert", according to the organizing committee.

In addition to contests, the second Vocational Skills Competition will hold a variety of exhibitions and skill shows to engage more visitors and enhance their experience.

Visitors will be able to have a close look at many advanced technologies and traditional crafts such as Android robots, embroidery and stone carving, organizers said.

Most delegations have set up their own booths at the competition venue to promote local specialties and culture.

The event also includes a main forum on the "powerful nation of skills" and three parallel forums, during which industry giants and scholars will share their insights.

Wang Tao, deputy head of the human resources department of State Grid Tianjin, said: "The event represents the country's highest level of techniques in the power industry, benefiting our production lines' major upgrading and engineers' vocational skills."

Zhang Liming, ambassador of the event and a staff member of State Grid Tianjin, said: "We expect the event can scout for and foster leading personnel for the country's power industry."

Contestants receive training in preparation for a vocational skills competition. CHINA DAILY

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